=About Explainable:

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Explainable is a data science and artificial intelligence consulting company started in 2021 by William Green, who brings 11 years of experience in data science, machine learning, and AI.

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Through our network of data engineers, analysts, and designers, we ensure businesses benefit from all the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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We customize solutions to your organization’s needs with a smooth integration with your existing software to improve business efficiency, both now and in the future, as changes come.

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We are open-minded, creative, collaborative, and constantly improving our skills.

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We enjoy a good challenge and approach each project as a new adventure.


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As a growing team, we have an extensive pool of expertise in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ve completed projects for a variety of companies and multiple industries worldwide.

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We are ready to offer the most favorable collaboration terms for your project's needs and goals. We can:

  • advise as a consultant

  • create and implement the solution to reach your goal

  • provide ongoing data science management and/or maintenance.

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Our primary goal is to produce results beyond your expectations with solutions unique to your specific needs and business challenges. We will likely suggest data-driven benefits you may not have thought of.

3rd Party Technology We Use

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We deliver measurable results, ensuring high accuracy and quick turnaround while minimizing risk. Our goal is to produce the best return on your investment.

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We guarantee the safety of your data with a trusted security strategy and management system, as well as 24-hour in-house security monitoring.


If you are looking for a data science/AI technology partner, we're here to help.

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